About the Juniors Division (3rd/4th Graders)

In the AGSL Juniors Division, players will begin to learn the ins and outs of playing a full softball game. This is the level when the fun begins with friendly competition between our Andover teams on a full-sized softball diamond with kids pitching to kids and umpires calling balls and strikes and making out or safe calls.

Players are introduced to softball strategy and situational play. Games are played under the standard rules of softball with three outs per inning and four balls and three strikes per at bat. Rules are modified to limit the number of steals and runs scored per inning. Player pitching and catching will be introduced.

Player evaluations are held prior to the season to aid with forming balanced teams. A Jamboree with multiple games, DJ music, and picnic lunches is held to close the season. Click here for Juniors Division Rules.