Who is eligible to play in the AGSL?
Registration is open to girls who either live or go to school in Andover.

How old does my child have to be in order to sign up for spring softball?
AGSL’s eligibility for the spring season is based on grade levels. Pre-K and Kindergarten students play in the Tee Ball Division. Players must have reached four years old on or before December 31 of the prior year to play in the Tee Ball Division. Players in Grades 1 and 2 play in the Minors Division. Players in Grades 3 and 4 play in the Juniors Division. Players in Grades 5 and 6 play in the Majors Division. Players in Grades 7 and 8 play in the Seniors Division. Players in Grade 9 who have not reached 15 years old on or before December 31 of the prior year are also eligible to play in the Seniors Division.

My daughter hasn’t played in any of the lower AGSL divisions. Can she still register?
Yes, all experience levels are welcome. Players are not required to have played in a lower AGSL division in order to register.

When does the spring season start?
Practices for the spring season begin in mid-April. Games begin after the April school week vacation.

What is the time commitment, and when do you practice and play games?
For the spring season, practices are generally held once per week. Coaches will set practice schedules so days are not know ahead of the season. Game times/days can vary based on field availability but typically the time commitments are as follow:

Tee Ball: One 90-minute practice with 30-45 minute game at the end of practice.
Minors: One 90-miute practice; game Sundays at noon
Juniors: One 90-minute practice; games Tuesdays at 6 PM and Sundays at 2 PM
Majors: One 90-minute practice; games Thursdays at 6 PM and Sundays at 4 PM
Seniors: One 90-minute practice; games Wednesdays and Sundays at 6 PM

For the summer season, games have been twice a week at 6 PM Monday-Thursday. One to two weeknight practices may be held before the start of the season.

For the fall season, games have been in a doubleheader format on Saturday mornings starting at 9 AM.

Do you play on Mother’s Day and Memorial Day weekend?
AGSL does not play on Mother’s Day or Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy the day off!

Can my player be put on a team with her friends?
At the Tee Ball and Minors Divisions, AGSL does its best to accommodate all requests. For the Juniors, Majors, and Seniors Division, AGSL may not be able to honor all requests as we have an obligation to make the teams as balanced as possible.

What equipment will my player need?
AGSL provides all players with team shirts. AGSL supplies softballs and batting tees and has a limited number of sets of catcher’s gear available for players. Players will need to provide their own gloves, bats (bats must be USA Softball approved for Juniors, Majors, and Seniors Divisions), batting helmets with face protectors and chin straps, and water bottles. AGSL also recommends defensive fielding face guards, softball cleats, batting gloves, sliding pads worn under pants, and bat bags.

AGSL will provide catchers equipment and a bag (if available) to each player who be a catcher during the season. This equipment will be assigned to the individual player, and it is theirs to take care of during the season and to bring it to each practice and game. The equipment is cleaned after each season and before the Spring season. Catchers must wear a mask, chest protector, and shin guards. It is also suggested to have some protection for the groin area but that is a personal responsibility. The throat protector which attaches to the mask are optional but suggested.

Click here for more about equipment. Dick’s Sporting Goods has tips for purchasing bats,cleats, batting helmets, fielding face guards, and catcher’s gear.

What if my player has to miss games or practices?
We understand if players need to miss some practices or games due to scheduling conflicts. We only ask that the coaches are informed beforehand if players won’t be able to attend practices and games to assist with their planning.

It’s raining outside. Are we still going to play a game today?
In the case of inclement weather or field being deemed unplayable, coaches will inform parent as early as possible before scheduled game times.

Are there player evaluations?
Player evaluations are held for the Juniors, Majors, and Seniors Division in the AGSL spring season.

How can I volunteer to be a head or assistant coach?
Contact the appropriate division coordinator (use this form to contact AGSL) to express your interest in coaching. All coaches must go through an annual CORI review as well as Safesport certification, and USA Softball background check and training.

I have been through a CORI review with another organization. Do I need to do it again with AGSL?
Yes, even if you have been CORI’d by another organization in the past year, you will still need to go through the CORI review with AGSL.

I registered my daughter and found out she cannot play games because of a scheduling conflict. Can I get a refund?
Yes, AGSL can provide full refunds if players are no longer available to play. E-mail registrar@andoversoftball.org.

Do you offer sibling discounts? 
AGSL does not offer sibling discounts.

What is AGSL’s COVID-19 policy?
AGSL had a successful summer and fall season in 2020 and 2021 with mask-wearing, extended dugouts, and social distancing, and AGSL will continue to meet or exceed all state and town requirements with regards to COVID-19 protocols. Click here for details on AGSL’s current COVID-19 protocols.

What is the Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN/Tax ID Number) for the Andover Girls Softball League?