Minors – Week 2 Drills


Plates clipped to the backstop. Close painting paper plates to backstop or fence. Each plate has points and the girls are in points. Before throwing at the paper plates they are to practice throwing with each other in partners doing the set throw that we did last week. 


Infield drill – Protect My House

Before the game review how to appropriately field ground balls with the girls.  (grounders with trying to have one side get balls past the other)

One player in front of a fence screen, or multiple kids in front of multiple screens with one kid per screen (3-4 against the backstop behind home plate
makes this easier.)

Coach starts with grounders and the kid gets a point for every ball that doesn’t touch the screen.

Then keep track of consecutive stops.

If using one screen, the player rotates to the back of the line if she misses.

Highest consecutive stops wins the round.

If using multiple kids on multiple screens, they stay, but keep track of the highest string of consecutive stops.

Progress to short hops, low line drives, chest high and just within reach above the head.


Base running

Practice running to first, first to second, first, second and third and then all the way

Time girls to see how they do. 

Make sure to emphasize how to run bases run three first and needing to stop on second and third. 


Top/bottom/together tees 

Start with hitting off a tee in the outfield and will transition to soft toss. 
There will be a tee in the outfield and have each girl hit off the tee  each girl gets about 10.  
Once all girls have had a turn move onto soft toss 10 per girl.
Coach will be the one tossing the ball    
When girls aren’t batting they are shagging in the outfield.