Minors – Week 4 Drills


6:00 – 6:15: Coaches warm up their teams stretching and throwing (correctly) with a partner

6:15 – 7:15 stations: Station 1 is 30 minutes and Station 2 and 3 are 15 minutes

7:15- clean up



Today’s Stations:

Todays Stations are going to be a little different. There will be 1 station that will allow the whole team to be together and then there will be 2 other stations to do.

One whole team (that is split into 2 groups) will start at station 1, while the other team is split into 2 groups and will go to station 2 and 3. Once that is completed then the team that was doing station 1 will break up into their groups and do station 2 and 3. While the team that was at station 2 and 3 will now go to station 1.



Live hitting with infield work

Coaches this is the time to work with your team on understanding the game of softball.
This station will be 30 minutes and allow the team to be together.
One group (of 5) will be in the field and the other group (of 5) will be batting.
Coaches will be pitching the balls.
We will move the bases in a few feet to allow the girls to be more successful.
You will play 5 outs and then switch.
Infield team goes to batting while the batting team goes to play the infield.



Throwing station

The girls will throw the ball at the tee where there will be a ball placed on the tee. The goal is to hit the ball off the tee.
Work with the girls on accuracy of their throws.
You will first have the girls warm up throwing and review the proper form for throwing.
Once they are ready line them up one behind the other facing the tee.
They will start about 10 feet from the tee, once they are successful move them back.
Please make sure to continue reinforcing the proper throwing technique.



Batting – hitting off tee’s deflated soccer/basketballs

Review the 10 keys of batting sheet that was included.
Make sure you understand it so you can teach it to the kids.
Have them all line up with helmet on and bat in hand.
Make sure they are far enough away from one and other so no one hits anyone.
Review the batting mechanics with them. You should be doing it as well.
Once all girls have practiced their correct swing.
Have them go to the tees and practice the swing by hitting the ball off tee.
Make adjustments as needed.