Code of Conduct

Andover Girls Softball League
Zero Tolerance Code of Conduct Policy

Purpose: The league strongly encourages healthy, age appropriate competition. However, this ideal can only be reached through the principles of Good Sportsmanship. Over the past few years there have been too many cases of unacceptable behavior exhibited by adults on the softball field. As a result, the following policy is now in effect.

A zero tolerance policy is just that; zero tolerance. This document serves as your warning. The policy applies to anyone and everyone connected with the Andover Girls Softball League, e.g. players, coaches, parents, fans and umpires.

An umpire’s decision on fair/foul, safe/out and ball/strike is final. They are judgment calls and not subject to complaint, debate or protest.

Coaches who argue or comment in a negative fashion shall immediately be ejected from the game. The ejection carries a two game suspension. In addition, the coach must meet with AGSL In-town coordinator and other league officials before resuming coaching duties. The length of the suspension may be extended as a result of the facts presented.

Players who argue or engage in negative behavior shall be immediately ejected from the game. The player must serve a two game suspension. Players will be confined to their bench area for the remainder of the game and any additional outbursts will result in a forfeit.

Parents / Fans who argue or engage in negative behavior (yelling, teasing, taunting, etc.) shall be removed from the playing area. Play will stop while this process is carried out. However, the time limit for the game will NOT be suspended. The head coach for the team will approach the unruly fan(s) and inform them they must leave. If the parent or fan refuses to leave within one minute, the game will end with a forfeit charged against the offending team and based upon the report, the league reserves the right to cancel their next game as well.

Any argument or disagreement that becomes physical, in any way, will result in an immediate, indefinite suspension for any adult involved. Players involved in any physical misconduct will be subject to a hearing with the AGSL officers and the player’s parent(s).

Any team involved in a second ejection issue during the season will be excluded from the league for the remainder of the year.

One coach may ask for “time out” to speak with the umpire regarding a question over a rule interpretation only (not judgment calls – fair/foul, safe/out and ball/strike). A brief, respectful conversation is expected. If issue is unresolved, the coach must respectfully, inform the umpire of a protest (the umpire will officially note it), then the coach will suspend discussion and return the team to play for the remainder of the game. Coaches should voice their protest or issue with the In-town coordinator immediately at the games conclusion. Any further actions or corrective decisions will be the responsibility of league officials, not the responsibility of coaches.

Social Media: Any coach, player, or parent will use social media including but not limited to AGSL Website, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc. responsibly to positively promote the player’s and team achievement(s).