In order to play softball, each player must have access to the required equipment.  Please see below for required and optional equipment. This will vary by age group so please read the descriptions carefully. If you need assistance with any required equipment, please contact us and we can help.

Please note: For the 2021 season, we do not allow for sharing of any equipment. Catchers will be provided the necessary equipment by AGSL.

Labeling of Equipment:

Please make sure to label your child’s equipment as best as possible so that when we have the inevitable bats/gloves/water bottles left behind after a practice or game, we can help get them to their owners.


AGSL will be providing jerseys (shirts with numbers) for the players during the Spring season.

For Summer and Fall seasons, jerseys (with names and numbers), pants, socks, and belts will be provided to each player.

Required Equipment for each player:

Water bottle – Hydration is very important during games and practices. Please make sure to send your player to all softball activities with a water bottle.

Softball glove – Each player must have their own glove.

Softball bat – Each player in the Juniors, Majors, and Seniors Divisions must have an USA Softball approved bat (there will be a label on the bat). Other divisions may use any bat they have. The league has some bats that can be assigned to players for use during the season.

Batting helmet – Each player must have a batting helmet with a cage and a chin strap (see photo for example).

Suggested Equipment for each player:

Fielding face guards – Fielding face guards will help protect players when fielding line drives and pop flies (see photo for example).

Batting gloves – Softball batting gloves will help a player keep their grip on the bat, their hand in their gloves, and generally protect the hand during the game. They come in many sizes and colors.

Softball cleats – For the younger divisions, it is okay to play with sneakers but highly suggested that all players wear cleats to help with the footing on the fields, particularly when there may be some moisture around. Cleats should be rubber cleats, not steel. For Summer and Fall, the divisions 14U and above are allowed to wear metal cleats depending upon the league rules that each team has joined.

Backpack or Softball bag to store their equipment and water bottle

Sliding pads that go under the pants

Balls – It is usually a good thing to have a softball or two available for practice. Please see your coach for the appropriate type of ball.  10″ hard for Juniors, 11″ hard for Majors and Seniors.

Glasses – If you player typically wears glasses, be try to make sure they have something to keep them attached.

Hat – Girls may opt to wear any hat they feel comfortable with or other hair related accessories. Jewelry is not permitted on the field during practices or games.

Game Day Equipment:

Folding/Beach chair – We will be doing social distancing during the games so when the players are at bat, they will need to sit in their own chairs and social distance.

Catchers Equipment:

AGSL will provide catchers’ equipment and a bag (if available) to each player who will be a catcher during the season. This equipment will be assigned to the individual player, and it is theirs to take care of during the season and to bring it to each practice and game. The equipment is cleaned after each season and before the Spring season.

Catchers must wear a mask, chest protector and shin guards. It is also suggested to have some protection for the groin area but that is a personal responsibility. The throat protector which attaches to the mask are optional but suggested.

If your player is interested in playing catcher full time, it is suggested that you invest in some catchers equipment to keep.  An entire set can be found on Amazon for $150 or so.

Practices and Game Equipment provided by AGSL:

AGSL will provide balls for practices and game warmups. Each coach may provide additional training equipment to be used during practices and game warmups such as batting tees/nets, hitting aids, etc. These are the responsibility of each team’s coach, and the equipment is typically shared by the players.

Suggested sources for Softball Equipment:

The best source is hand me downs from family members either immediate or extended.

A few local places have softball equipment including any Play it Again Sports and Dicks Sporting Goods. Target has a few things, and any sporting goods store should have what you need. Amazon has a lot of equipment and there are specialty websites for bats, gloves, etc.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has tips for purchasing bats,cleats, batting helmets, fielding face guards, and catcher’s gear.


If you need help finding anything or have questions about the equipment, please contact us via the website and we will respond and/or make direct contact.