About the Seniors Division (7th/8th/Age-Eligible 9th Graders)

The AGSL Seniors Division is our most competitive division in which teams play in Andover and surrounding towns. The Seniors Division consists of the players who usually have played their way all the up from Minors to the Seniors division and therefore are the strongest players usually in AGSL.

The girls have really worked hard on their way up and have settled into positions on the field where they comfortable and have started to learn the nuances of playing infield and outfield. The pitching keeps getting better and the girls are growing in both size and strength and therefore the full softball rules apply for this division.

Bunting, stealing all bases, the outfields play deeper, everything to get your player ready for the next level which is high school. Player evaluations are held prior to the season to aid with forming balanced teams. Click Here for Seniors Division Rules